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Smack build with Maven


is there any intend / plan to move Smack to Maven?

I moved part of Smack to Maven (only sources, just to build it), so I can provide some experience or advice for this.

Or is everyone just happy with Ant?

Thanks, Ondra

Update: I found similar thread from 2006: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/121773

Attaching pom.xml for Smack 3.1.0.

To use it, you need to move the sources root dir to /src/main/java and tests to /src/test/java.

This is only for building .jar itself; to build whole project, Maven would need another pom.xml’s.
pom.xml (1236 Bytes)

In my opinion it would be great to have the latest versions of Smack in the central repo with a proper pom.xml and a source artifact - whether or not the build is actually done with Maven.

I agree this would be a great change to make. I filed SMACK-265.

@Matt: Do you prefer to switch to the default maven directory structure or should we keep the current layout?

For a migration the best option might be to have both an ant script and a maven pom that can be used for building so we don’t force anybody to switch.

I think it makes sense to move to the Maven directory structure. If we can maintain both Ant and Maven scripts, that would be great.

Hi Matt, Stefan,

  1. I would also recommend the Maven dir structure - it’s not that demanding, after all.

  2. Once you have Maven’s pom.xml set up, Maven can generate Ant script doing the same as maven. But naturally, this has some limitations (not all maven plugins exist as Ant tasks, etc.).


I’ve attached a first version to SMACK-265.