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Smack can''t use non-ASCII username to login

I try smack,everything’‘s fine,I can send Chinese message.But I can’‘t use Chinese username to login wildfile server.After several hours study,I think here’'s problem:

In StringUtils.java this method:

public static String encodeBase64(String data) {

byte[] bytes = null;

try {

bytes = data.getBytes(“ISO-8859-1”);<-------Here


catch (UnsupportedEncodingException uee) {



return encodeBase64(bytes);


SASLMechanism.java using this method to generate auth text,and wild file will decode and find the username and password.

But if username is Chinese or UTF-8?getBytes(“ISO-8859-1”) will kill the original username.

In wildfile StringUtils.java,the same problem.So I think all these two file should change to make non-Ascii username work.