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Smack Client

Anyone working on a good open source java client utilizing the Smack API? I don’'t see anything listed at http://www.jabberstudio.org/project/. The java community seems to be way behind in quality of Jabber clients.

I am interested in a real java client on par with say Exodus, but of course not in Delphi. Will Jive be building a client to go along with the Jive Messenger server product? The Messenger page currently lists Exodus and Psi as compatible clients.


A few people are creating Java clients using Smack, but I don’'t know if they plan to make them Open Source. I certainly agree it would be a good project, though!

At the moment, we (Jive Software) don’'t plan to create a generic IM client in Java. Instead, our client development is for more specialized uses. This could certainly change based on customer demand, however.



Anyone interested in combining resources to build a nice Java open source client with the Smack API?

I am starting to build a client that I want to be on par with Exodus.

Hi glickster,

very interesting project, are you opening a new project @sourceorge?


One thing you may want to do is only target JDK 1.4.2 and later (even though it’'s currently in beta). The new Windows L&F is quite excellent and will finally allow Java desktop applications to functionaly feel like native applications.



Dears i’‘m interested to know what happeed concerning ur project cz i need ro have a web client for the jive messenger and i can not found any client that uses smack libarary (API’'s)



we are building an Eclipse plug-in based on Smack. We plan to also provide a standalone version based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.





One cool feature for PepeMax would be Rendezvous support for automatic discovery of users on the local network. I know that someone has already extended Smack with this to support talking to iChat users on OS X.



Hi Matt,

indeed a very interesting idea.

Our near-term goals are to get MUC up and running, get the icons right (at least better) and also provide PepeMax as a rcp application.

After that I’'d love to have a closer look at the rendezvous thing. I believe Apple just released a Java client api.

I know that someone has already extended Smack with this >to support talking to iChat users on OS X.

I’‘ve seen a post here not too long ago. Is that what you are referring to? I’'ll have a second look at that, but I believe to remember that it was not heavy on details.



i just begin one,

it’'s an applet.

it’'s called EUJA(End User Jabber Applet)

and it’'s destined to the end users.

it’'s hosted on jabberstudio.org

sourceforge project: gq-messenger is using smack to eventually add jabber protocols.

I am currently writing an opensource client called JBother. http://linuxhelp.homeunix.com/jbother