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Smack-config.xml & smack.providers

Hello, is there any reason for these two files in the META-INF jar’‘s dir instead a package dir? I’'m asking this because in JBOSS, a J2EE container, all libs deployed are unjared and the META-INF files are lost.



anyone here or just too busy?

Hi xip,

what do you want to do?

Smack is usually used as a client and probably the developers did not think about a package which may be deployed in J2EE servers.


humm … why can’'t be a J2EE that takes advantage of a xmpp client connection? But why not change if it makes Smack more usable? Is there a reason for not changing?


I see no reason not to change it.

As it is usually used as a client it may still contain some minor issues which cause no problem for a standalone client application but if it is running for a long time inside a server. For example the previous release did not close the XMPP connections properly.

If should already be optimized for memory usage as it is used within Spark, so the performance should be fine.