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Smack jars in Maven repositories


I’‘m working on adding Jabber-RPC support to the Groovy language (http://groovy.codehaus.org). I’'m using the smack library (of course!). I would like to add a dependency on the two jar files to the Maven build script. Are there smack jar files in any Maven repositories at the moment?


Sounds like a cool project. I don’'t know of any Smack JAR files in Maven repositories personally but I just found a bunch by doing a google search “maven repository smack” :). Would it make things easier if Smack was hosted in some centralized repository?




There do seem to be several copies of the smack jar files in several different repositories. ibiblio has http://www.ibiblio.org/maven/jivesoftware/jars/ which looks a good place to put them. It would be really helpful if you could upload the latest versions to the repository. http://maven.apache.org/repository-upload.html describes how it is done.

There do seem to be several project who use maven and also use smack and there seem to be multiple copies of the same jars at the moment. Having one location maintained by the smack project owners would save needless duplication

BTW the debugger is really helpful!

Would you be interested in taking this on? We’'re not Maven users here at Jive Software so I have a feeling that keeping the JARs up to date would slip through the crack if we were responsible.



I’'ll talk to the codehaus folks and try to organise a regular up[date of the maven repository

Any luck on getting regular updates to the repositories? I too use smack\maven and am currently working with release -1 as a result.