Smack-jingle demo not working


When i run the demo in smack-jingle it throws the following exception and exits.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/media/rtp/ReceiveStreamListener
Exception in thread “main”

I have not made any changes.whats the problem?

And one more thing does smack-jingle really works??

I resolved that issue but now it fails in SASLAuthentication().I am trying to connect to Anyone having any idea bcz i did SASLAuthentication for IM/presence but in this demo(jingle) why it fails???


Can anyone tell me where to find that jingle-demo app please. I’ve found older links for svn repository but it didnt find anything there …

Also if anyone knows if smackx-jingle.jar is compatible with Android … i’ve heard that asmack.jar is developed for android but i dont know if there is jingle support.