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Smack Library on the AS400 (OS400 v5r1)

Just to let everyone know:

Smack 1.1.1 works on the AS400. Which shouldn’'t come as a suprise to anyone.

The only change that I had to make was to increase the lock wait timeout in PacketReader from 5secs to 50secs (and only because my test as400 is very slow).

I have an echo client up and running at cotlas400@jabber.cotelligent.com, if anyone would like to try it out.

To date, we’'ve gotten smack to run on:

an IPaq 3600, a 170 Series As400.



Thanks for the update! It’'s always nice to have real confirmation that a particular Java library is really write once, run anywhere.


More or less, it is One request though: can a standard configuration interface be provided for those of us who need to monkey around with timeouts and encoding settings?

At some point, I’'m going to need to really standardize the place where I can make platform specific optimizations… it seems that this would be really useful.

If you could provide more detail about exactly what you want to be able to customize without modifying code, that would be great.



Well, in PacketReader there’‘s a hardcoded lock timeout of 5000 millis, on my as400 the network subsystem doesn’‘t startup that fast, so I had to change it to 50 Seconds. That would be one place that I would like to configure. In the incoming and outgoing network streams, there’‘s a hard coded translation to UTF-8. The J9 Jvm on the IPaq doesn’'t support that encoding, so I had to change it to one that it does support (I forget which one exactly). Those are the sort of things that I need to tinker with when I port the library to different operating environments.

For the most part, and for most people, the hard coded values will work and work well, but they aren’'t always guaranteed to work for all systems, so a mechanism to either programatically set them or a configuration file would be wonderful.

I am more than willing to help make changes; I would just like to see how (or if) you would like them made so that they tie in with the rest of smack.