Smack on J2ME using netbeans and mobility pack

I added the smack api jar library inside my mobile application. When i build my apps it turns out to have an error not with the application i made but on one of the class on smack library. I just come up that the smack library is compiled in jdk1.5 i guess and my mobile is configured to run under jdk1.3 and it cant be changed.

anybody who have tried this one…please…my idea is to download the source and recompile it under jdk1.3 and if i get some error i will try to modify it. but i guess its a big task…anybody can give me some suggestions…


I think it will be really tricky to compile Smack with 1.3.

In 2006 J2ME may be the wrong approach, you may want to take a look here:

Alex and Gato do currently implement XEP-0124 HTTP Binding, on client side one will usually use AJAX.


Why are you stating this? The documentation states minimum platform is java 1.2 or later: d.html

Anyhow although I tend to use all java5 features I still can see a great benefit to keeping the library as compatible with the older runtimes because I myself am considering a small jabber client that will run on mobile devices. Are we sure on the 1.5 requirements?

Personally I think JME is the right approach in 2006 because finally the mobile devices are starting to have the horsepower to run our apps and platforms are emerging for us to develop apps in (like netbeans as far as UI is concerned or the mobile ERCP platform from eclipse based on OSGi). If you look at the latest JavaOne conference there was some great attention focused on the mobile space and both Motorola and Sun will release a open source JME runtime. Things are changing and AJAX is not the solutions to all problems.


I don’‘t read documentation and if I do I don’'t trust it. So how could I have known that Smack runs fine with JVM 1.2?

I’'ve seen a lot of Java based applications and I often wonder why one did implement the application in Java.

JWChat or are very good examples that a Jabber client does not need a single line of C or Java code.


I agree that you can implement a web based jabber client and google has demonstrated the same thing, but when people are on the go, and the browsers on the mobile platforms don’‘t support the XmlHttpRequest object or even JavaScript to a reasonable level and you need stuff like persistence, live connection and print capabilites I really don’'t see if it can be done in reasonable time with a web-like approach. That said everything is possible, with enough time and resources at your disposal.