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Smack Packet Listner fails to capture packet

Hi team,

I have register three sync stanza listeners on xmpptcpconnection object with different filter’s so that i can process them accordingly based on the condition.

But however sometime i missed some packet to receive in processstanza methods to process the IQ.

i am using smack version 4.2.1 and openfire sever 4.2.0.

My code is as per below

StanzaFilter update_vcard_filter = MessageTypeFilter.NORMAL;
App.getInstance().getConnection().addSyncStanzaListener(updateVcardListner, update_vcard_filter);
StanzaFilter filter = MessageTypeFilter.CHAT;
App.getInstance().getConnection().addSyncStanzaListener(xmpp, filter);
VerificationListner verification_listner = new VerificationListner();
StanzaFilter verification_listner_filter = IQTypeFilter.RESULT;
App.getInstance().getConnection().addSyncStanzaListener(verification_listner, verification_listner_filter);
GroupMessageListener group_message_listener = new GroupMessageListener();
StanzaFilter group_listner_filter = MessageTypeFilter.GROUPCHAT;
App.getInstance().getConnection().addSyncStanzaListener(group_message_listener, group_listner_filter);

i am unable to receive stanza VerificationListner which is result type of stanza.

any hint?