Smack processMessage didn't get all messages


I use smack 3.0.4. I would like to ask, I get the message in the smack debug window,

however, in the processMessage method there is no message.

the problem occur when the smack app receive the message. it didn’t receive all messages. sometime it gets the message, sometime it doesn’t.

but when the ‘smack’ app send the message, all messages are successfully received in the mobile phone (slick program)

here is the message in the debug window, I use slick in sony Ericsson M600i.

<message type=“chat” from="" to="">

<active xmlns=“”/><body>Hoho</body>

<nos:x value=“disabled” xmlns:nos=“google:nosave”/>

<arc:record otr=“false” xmlns:arc=“”/></message>

I think the message is normal, but why in the processMessage didn’t capture it correctly.

in other word,

smack -> slick (mobile phone M600i) = all messages received

slick (mobile phone M600i) -> smack = all messages received in the smack debug window, but only few messages processed in the processMessage Method.

any suggestion?

Thank you,



same Problem here. Sometimes “processMessage” is processing the Message, sometimes not.

But in the Debug Window, all Messages are recieved.

Any ideas?