Smack Reconnection Mechanisms: Issues?

Since we are observing every so often a failing reconnection attempt by Spark, we will conduct a review of the Smack reconnection mechanism and the detection of disconnection of Smack. It looks like Smack is a bit too nervous about the detection of network issue. Would include a patch in Spark 2.6.0 final, if needed and baked for at least two weeks in our production environment.

Any help or hint about reconnection/disconnection issues are highly welcome.

Not much help from me, but i have never experienced such problems for 4 years. Wired network only.

Do you have any more information on this issue?

Stacktrace maybe?

I have a reconnection issue every so often, but I never was able to reproduce it. Holger and Wolf will do a code review for the reconnection mechanism. If there is nothing “wrong” they will look into Spark.