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Smack requests getAdmins() in wrong MUC namespace


I just discovered, that Smack sends the MUC getAdmins() request in the wrong namespace.

Smack sends in #owner namespace:

The specification says, it must be in #admin namespace:


The whole method getAffiliatesByOwner() doesn’t make much sense (it is not specified by XMPP) and is only called by getAdmins().

This looks like something that has been overseen when SMACK-371 was fixed. At the time the MUC code for Smack was written (years ago) the XEP in fact stated that the #owner namespace should be used for most use-cases.

Thanks for reporting!

Just to comment, it may have been like this to match Openfire, which still may have it backwards as well.

I did OF-98 together with SMACK-371, so Openfire should be save.