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Smack Roster

Im using smack to “talk” with jive in an application im developing.

i have a question about the roster: when i use the getRoster() method

from the XMPPConnection class, it returns a Roster. will it be stored in


its very important for me, because I may have lots of users connected and,

if all the rosters are stored in memory, it will get full in just a few seconds.

is there any way I ask for the roster, do whatever I want with it and then throw

it away?



Are you experiencing memory problems with the roster? I don’'t think it has a terribly large footprint. Though this is somewhat anecdotal, I had 1400 contacts in my roster at one point and the memory usage was not significant. Do you have any data about the roster that is indicating that is is taking up a lot of memory or that the JVM is running out of memory? If so, you should post any of that information here.