Smack running on a mobile phone

Hi all

I’'m planing development of a program that needs to communicate with a central server and a mobile phone. I need a communications channel and I have looked at wildfire/spark/smack and I see that some of the messages I need is already implemented (Call Notification and Originate Calls).

I do not need the GUI of the spark client, just the messaging communications layer (Smack), as I will have to write the GUI for the phone and handlers for the messages myself.

I see that there is also a way of extending messages by writing spark plugins on the server side. So it seems that the architecture is close to what I need.

I see that the client side component,smack.jar, is written in Java.

So my question is: Has someone tried to get the client, smack.jar, running on a mobile phone.



I don’'t know the J2ME specs but I assume that they match JRE 1.3 while Smack needs if I remember right 1.5. There are some unsolved threads about these problems already so I think one can not use Smack.