Smack Support for Admin Function to list all connected users

IS there any way to use Smack to retrieve a list of ALL users currently connected to our single Wildfire server?

I don’'t believe the Smack library has any “admin” functions.

But you could create a “server backdoor” via a plugin with a socket interface then use the server api to do what you want and return info via socket.


normal xmpp clients are not allowed to do this as this does not respect privacy. Wildfire support “JEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands” but I’'m not aware of a way to use it within Smack. One may create a SMACK- issue and write some code to do this or create the ad-hoc xml-packets manually.


You can use the UserSearchManager to get a list of all accounts. Then you can use the LastActivity mechanism to see if each user is logged in or not. The only caveat is that LastActivity will only give you the desired information if the JID making the query is in the target JID’'s roster.

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