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Smack to yahoo/jabber gateway?

I am trying to find a solution to do IM with Yahoo. The jmsg package I used before is not working now. So I am trying smack.

First choice: if smack talk to yahoo, that would be great. I didn’'t find information that seems indicate smack talk to yahoo.

Second choice: go through a gateway. I found amessage.info (jabber server) has a gateway to yahoo. I was able to talk to yahoo through this gateway. So I am trying to talk to yahoo through this gateway. But the test code below throw me some exceptions shown below. Any body has a working solution for this scenario?

Any help is highly appreciated.

XMPPConnection con;

try {

con = new XMPPConnection(“amessage.info”); //line 21

con.login(“amgessageid”, “thepassword”);

            Chat newChat = con.createChat("phoneyahoo@yahoo.com");

Message newMessage=newChat.createMessage();

newMessage.setBody(“Hi, I’'m an annoying parrot-bot! Type something back to me.”);


while (true) {

Message message = newChat.nextMessage();



} catch (XMPPException e) {

// TODO Auto-generated catch block



org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: start tag not allowed in epilog but got s (position: END_TAG seen …(XMPPConnection.java:130)

at XMPPTest.main(XMPPTest.java:21)

Here’‘s a gateway I’‘ve been working on. It doesn’'t allow for client to yahoo connection (you need to go through a gateway).


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



Test the package some time ago and replied on the forum of the package.