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Smack with BOSH + SSL. Is there an alternative?

Hi all,

I have a system in my company that should access an external XMPP server, provided by us in a cloud environment.

In order to assure that the xmpp connection is not blocked by firewalls of other company sites, I need to develop the xmpp communication in my system using HTTP in PORT 80.

I´ve tried to find something related to this in this forum and I saw some older posts saying that SMACK and SMACK-BOSH don´t support http bind using SSL.

Then, I´d like to know if there is an easy alternative that I could adopt in order to achieve this communication. Does anybody achieved BOSH using SSL through Smack?



Hi all,

I guess I found some temporary solution.

For this, I had to modify JBosh library, version 0.6.0. In my modification, I added a SSLContext to the HttpClient used by BOSHClient and it seems that it works (despite it accepts any certificate, what is not a problem to me for now).

I´ll perform more tests in order to validate my changes.