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Smack with jvm 1.1

I have a faceless applet that I’‘d like run on browsers with the java plugin. My code is no problem but smack is throwing ClassnotFound errors in both IE and Netscape if they’'re using the native jvm.

I started to modify and recompile against an old sdk but I’'m wondering how much work this is going to be. Has anyone tried it yet?

The swing stuff in XMPPConnection is obvious but I’‘m also getting errors against some of the collection classes. …and someone told be that the old ms jvm doesn’'t handle inner classes well which I know smack uses extensively.

If it’‘s too much hassle I’'ll just force a download of the plugin but it sure would be nice.




I’‘d very highly recommend forcing people to use the Java plugin. Doing any kind of GUI under the 1.1 VM’'s will simply be a nightmare and not worth all your effort. Installing Java is now quite easy for end-users with the new java.com website.




I agree. We would not even consider using 1.1 were it not for the fact that our applet has no GUI components. It simply handles the communication. All of the presentation is done with javascript and LiveConnect.

Still, I’‘m learning that the native jvm is missing a lot more than just the swing components so we’'ll probably be requiring the plugin.

Thanks for responding.

B. Jiggs

At one point, a developer in our organization tried to migrate smack to 1.1… which lacks every one of the collections classes needed to make smack function. To move it over would have been an enormous task; one which we decided to forgo.