Smack with Wildfire over HTTP


now that Wildfire is going to support HTTP as a transport in 3.2, will there be support in Smack, too. Concerning the issue of proxied clients (which is the case for nearly any machine in a secure environment) this would be great news.



fyi, socks-support is working fine already (since it’'s supported transparently by Java).


We haven’'t started working on HTTP binding support in Smack yet, but I agree that it would be a good idea. I filed this feature as SMACK-187.



Hi Sven,

you could patch Smack to use a HTTP proxy which supports the HTTP CONNECT method. I did post such a patch some month ago but it seems that it will not be includede in Smack.


This technique requires using the SSL port of wildfire, which is deprecated, I don’'t think Smack 3.0 will support it.

Hi Andreas,

it’'s indeed deprecated but the only way to connect to a XMPP server if one must use a HTTP proxy server.

And for “HTTP(s) Bind” it’'s the same issue - if it does not support a HTTP CONNECT proxy server one will still use another client to chat.

There are only a few users in this forum who complain about this, but I’'m sure that a lot of more users do not use Spark because of the missing proxy support. Better proxy support usually leads also to a larger user base but it is of course not needed (and wanted) in a corporate LAN.


Well, the correct way to solve this would be to use the HTTP-bindings for XMPP, which brings us back to the beginning of this thread

“HTTP-bindings for XMPP” without proxy support is probably as useless as a normal XMPP client without proxy support.