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Smack without X11

I am using Smack on a Linux system without X11 installed (think embedded). One problem I ran into is that the LiteDebugger requires the X11 libraries to be loaded when anything with Smack is run. Even with ‘‘debug’’ off, the library imports require the X11 libraries to load.

I hacked together a console only version of the LiteDebugger but you might think of making it even lighter for us graphics impaired programmers.

– misterblue

Thanks for the bug report. We may not provide a text-only Debugger, but we’‘ll at least make sure that Smack can work on OS’'s without graphics if we can for the next release.



One thing you can try if you are using JRE 1.4 is to run the application in headless mode. Try to add java.awt.headless=true to the startup command line.

Other possible solution is to run a special non-display version of the X display server, Xvfb, and set DISPLAY to point to it.


– Gato