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Small Business Server 2003


I have installed Jive Server and am using PSI as the client.

It runs as it should but now I would like to link into the AD using LDAP.

My only problem is I have no idea where to start with LDAP and wondered if anyone has set this up on MS Small Business Server 2003 and if so would they be kind enough to share the conf file?

I have read other articles about LDAP and have tried with no effect (I can’'t even get access to the admin console now!).



Here’'s my config file for AD Server on WIndows 2003.

Key changes:


Thanks for the helpful pointer, one question (I might sound thick now) when you enter the BaseDN you have the domain and then com i.e.


If my domain is a .co.uk do I change the com to a co.uk?

Secondly the server has the following name: HERCULES.mydomain.local as opposed to HERCULES.mydomain.co.uk so would this mean instead of DC=com it should read DC=local?

Sorry for the thick questions, I am only young and have much to learn!


I believe the BASEDN will reflect your domain name.

so if you logon name to windows is user@mydomain.co.uk

then your BASEDN would be DC=mydomain, DC=co,DC=uk


Have tried what you suggested but got nowehere. Have changed it from DC=com / DC=co,DC=uk to DC=local but with no luck.

This is my current conf file:

let’'s try the other way:


Still won’‘t work have now tried switching off LDAP all together but now the admin login won’'t work!!

Am I correct in thinking that the way to do it is to install the Jive server, create all the users (ensuring user names are the same as the domain login) then setup LDAP in the conf file?

I missed out the bit creating all the users (apart from me) from the steps above. I know LDAP works as I have just installed a web based helpdesk program which auths users through LDAP.



Admin login is likely not working because you switched the list of authorized users in the config file and removed the admin account? In any case, you shouldn’'t manually create users if you want to integrate with LDAP. Once the integration is working properly, the user accounts will automatically be created and updated as necessary.




have you tried using an LDAP browser such as Softerra LDAP Browser to test out your LDAP Settings?

You may want to confirm you LDAP settings are correct before updating your Jive Config file.

You can download a free LDAP Browser here http://www.softerra.com/download/download.php