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Small feature request

Would it be difficult to add the ability to change (edit) user names in openfire?? I created my large userbase in Wildfire 3.2.4 originally, but due to an escapable names problem with spark and openfire (that thankfully Derek has almost gotten fully fixed), I created my users with just a single name to avoid the escapable names bug… for example ted miller is now just TMiller. BUT, now that Derek has almost all the bugs fixed, I would love to be able to go into the console and edit their user names to ted miller and such… WITHOUT having to delete their accounts and start them all over again… Sure one can change a password, but the ability to edit or change the user name in the admin console would be a nice feature to have…



Hi Scott,

you may use the export plugin to export the users and the rosters, modify the names and import it again or use some sql commands to change the JIDs.

As you want to change the JIDs it’‘s important to change also the rosters of all users which is possible if you don’‘t allow s2s connections. If remote users from example.com did add “tmiller@yourdomain” to his roster this entry will get invalid. So that’'s a good reason not to have an option to change the node identifier of the JID.