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Small feature request!

In addition to requesting a better group management interface, which I mentioned in Wednesday chat, I would like to maybe request a small feature that would add a group column to the user summary screen…Right now there is ONLINE, USERNAME, NAME, CREATED, LAST LOGOUT, EDIT, DELETE… Could you just maybe in the meantime while you guys consider a group management type of feature, just ADD a GROUP column between NAME and CREATED columns in the console… It really would make life way easier for working with large groups of people… What happens is that you import 700 users using the user service plugin, then you go through hell trying to get them all into groups, which we figured out an easy way sort of… using the registration plugin, setting a default group to one of the groups, then import those people for that group, change the default group, then import those group people, as the registration plugin if set up will automatically add them to the group you select on it’‘s page of options!! But sometimes you still end up through adding users off site and such with 10 20 or so people that are not in any group for whatever reason, then you play hell clicking on each user name to check to see if they are in any group or not, and if you see “group: none”, then you still have to go manually add them, but it makes it a pain to have to manually go into each name to see if they are in a group… AND NO… clicking on a group and trying to see who is in them, and who is not, is not an option when trying to sort 100’'s of users… Sorry to rant so long, but I wanted you to see the reasoning behind it, and the GREAT usefulness it would offer!!

Online_______ Username Name____ GROUP _______Created _______Last Logout

1 Offline _______admin Administrator _____Staff _______Mar 12, 2007

2 Offline ___________aj hill ________________Teachers May 3, 2007

3 Online ___________amy trips _________________Speech _____May 11, 2007

4 Offline ___________ted miller ___________________" " <—either blank or “none” if not in a group

Sorry about how it looks, but when I posted it, the formatting went all to hell… it didn’'t like the spaces. SO I had to improvise…

You get the point…



I think this is a solid idea, the trick will be finding time to implement. Anyone out there interested in hacking at the JSP pages a bit?



Thanks Scott,

Added to the issue tracker as JM-1057. Get out and vote!

By the way, you can use tags (without the spaces) to get whitespace to stick around.

This line is



Well, my User summary get a bit bloated because of last log off addition. But probably i dont mind to see Group column there, if it will be showing group real name and not the Display name. Display names are way too long in our environment