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SMS Notification to Offline Users


I have just started using Openfire Messaging Server, and all the features are seems to working fine, but there is one additional requirement for our Company.

SMS Alert notification to Offline Users, which will allows to send message to offline users so that important information can be communicated without delay.

If there is such provision please share and if not kindly help making provision of the same.

Thank You,

Same as you i also want to add push notification alert for off line user.

I think “**CallbackOnOffline” **plugin useful. for this.

Hello. Mr. Bharat,

I have uploaded CallbackOnOffline plugin in Admin Console, can you help how to use in spark messenger client.

**Callback on offline Plugin **Call predefined endpoint(service with some params.

you must create that service and fire some action when that service call.

ref link https://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta/callbackonoffline/ readme.html

My problem is create from here where from taken receiver’s device information in called service.