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SMS with Spark / Openfire

Many of our users need to receive their IMs on their mobile devices. We were orginally planning to use a Spark/Openfire solution, but are reconsidering since SMS isn’‘t available. I’‘m really surprised there’'s not a plugin for this. Any suggestions? Comments?


http://www.jabber.org/software/components.shtml contains a lot of external xmpp components. One could be of course more happy if JiveSoftware would implement them in Java and add them to Openfire.

aspsms-t is an open source /GPL/ jabber2sms transport written in perl, which allows you to send sms messages over the jabber network through the gateway-system of aspsms.com

If you have already an SMS gateway within your company you may prefer an XMPP to email component.


Do you know of any XMPP to email components? Thanks.

Still haven’'t foundan XMPP to email component. Any direction on that?