SNMP info for Nagios

Hi all,

I’‘m trying to set up Openfire so that it hooks into Nagios, the program we use for monitoring. What I need to know is this: is there a way to telnet to some port that Openfire uses (5222? etc.?) and, upon sending it a command, having it return some data that tells us it’'s running okay?

Thanks for you help.

I am not aware of SNMP traps to check on openfire, but theres an even easier way:

A plugin for nagios that logs into an XMPP server and reports back if it was able to log in or not. I monitor my Openfire servers that way. Caveat: SASL won’'t work because the plugin uses a rather dated Net::XMPP lib for Perl.

I will see if I can get you a link or some reference code in a moment.


Heres a link to the check plugin I use:[p_view]=830


For notifications I use this one:[p_view]= 181

There’'s a very promising new XMPP notification project which I have not yet tried here:[p_view]= 1036

Thanks for your replies, centrex - I’'ll definitely check these out and report back how the work for us.

Actually, I found a telnet-driven way that works very nicely:

Telnet into localhost 5222 (when connected to the server Openfire sits on). When connected, send this chunk of XML:

Hope that helps - thanks again, centrex, for your assistance.