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socketClosed() and isActive()

When a socket connetion is closed remotely and socketClosed() is called, it is simply dispatching a DisconnectionEvent event. Shouldn’t active and loggedIn be set as false, since the socket is no longer connected and the user must connect again to reestablish connectivity?

I propose making the following change

protected function socketClosed(event:Event):void


active = false;

loggedIn = false;

var disconnectionEvent:DisconnectionEvent = new DisconnectionEvent();

dispatchEvent( disconnectionEvent );


we do not have to call socket.close() since we are already assured that the connection has been closed remotely. This more correctly reflects the state of the connection.


That sounds like an interesting issue, but could you attach a patch so it would be easier to see exactly what you are talking about (which classes, methods, lines, etc.)



Sure thing. Attached is the patch.
xiffpatch.txt.zip (375 Bytes)

Added the requested boolean values in revision 11545.

Thanks Juga! Any ideas when the next release will be?

No idea.

I have no control over the releases, but I have requested that one would be made… with no effect.

Lets wait patiently for few more years. With positive mindset in order to improve the current codebase.