Software caused connection abort (SMTP Settings)

I have installed Wildfire on MS Windows 2003 Server, configured to use SQL 2000 and everything works great except for email. When i try to send a test email it comes back with the following error:

Sending the message failed. Please verify that your host and port settings are correct. (Message: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 25; nested exception is: Software caused connection abort: connect)

NOTE: =’'s my email server.

I know the email server is set correctly because I have a PHPbb form that can use it just fine with no username or password.

I could not find any documentation on SMTP settings so if you could point me that also that would be great. I don?t mind reading just could not find anything to read on this one.

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can you connect from the Wildfire server to your mail server using “telnet 25” or do you have a firewall issue?


no i cant???

“Could not open connection to the host”

But the local firewall and the firewall on the exchange server are turned off… they both sit on the same network and subnet???

And the SMTP port is set to 25

Telnet works on port 110

I have disable Mcafee for the time being

Any other thoughts?

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I found the problem, Mcafee was set to block everything on port 25. I disabled it on the email server but did not do it on the the wildfire server.

After adding “wildfired.exe” to the exception list all is well. (Edit: On both server BTW)


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