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Some annoyances with Spark 2.0.8 - Wildfire 3.2.2

I know some of these things will seem stupid, but its just gets to me sometimes.

  • My moderator (cop) icon is missing. I believe it went awol with the install of Wildfire 3.

  • I sometimes don’'t see myself in the chat room, other may not see them selves.

  • Sometimes others don’'t see my posts in the chat room.

  • Sometimes I can’'t get to the chat rooms, the server seems to timeout.

  • I have never been able to bookmark a chat room have have it stay with Spark 2.x, I have also never been able to “auto join room”. I had it working with spark 1.x.

Does anyone have any idea how I might fix some or all of these issues?

I do love the software, it has really helped us out a lot.