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Some client can not login to Openfire

Hello Admin,

I have using Jive’'s Products about 2 years. On Jivemessenger until Wildfire, I almost got no problems on it. But now on Openfire, some clients failed to login on to server.

There is no error report on clients, but they just hang up when login. I have tried with SSL, TLS or without encrypt. But no change. But if they connect to wildfire on other server, there is no problem. Is there any problem with secure connection on Openfire?

Please give me a solution, or I’'ll downgrade to Wildfire.

Thx alot.

well, I think I’'ve same problem with Mr. Vostok with thread: “got Bind to one interface in multihome host (outgoing connection)”

I think I’'ll wait untill Openfire got patches.