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Some components does not seem in spark!

Dear Friends,

I do not see some components in the file section like “Preferences,Edit My Profile …etc” ,when we install the spark ,

I try to all solution ways but I do not get the way. I checked new versions(spark,java,windows etc) but the result is same.

Please help me.

Thanks for your intentions.

There is a related announcement above the forums:

If old version of Client Control plugin is installed on Openfire server, then Spark since 2.8.2 version will be missing some menus or buttons in its GUI. That’s because Spark 2.8.2 has been updated to be compatible with new version of Client Control, which lets an administrator to enable or disable those menus. Administrator has to either update Client Control plugin or remove it for Spark to get back those menus. New version of Client Control requires Openfire 4.0.0 or higher.