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Some hints for developers in Eclipse and Windows

Just went through some big hassle getting a sample sparkplug project going, and thought I’‘d share what I’'ve found (these are all in addition to the instructions provided in the how-to):

  1. You have to run Spark in a JRE that has a strong encryption JCE enabled. Easiest way to do this is to configure the jdk\jre as a jre in Eclipse, then assign that JRE to the sparkplug project.

  2. Spark uses a number of native libararies, and you MUST configure the JRE so it points to the paths containing these libraries. Easiest way to do that is to add the following VM argument to the launch (note that I’'m using the $ command to fill in the path info automatically):


  1. The -Dplugin option is not very cross platform friendly. As far as I can tell, the path MUST be specified with backslashes, and it is not legal to have a path that contains spaces, and the path separator has to be a forward slash. Because the path to my project workspace contains spaces, I wound up having to copy my plugin.xml file into my C:\temp drive, then specify the following:


If someone has a better solution, I’'d love to hear it, because this is a major pain.

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