Some newb questions on setting up rooms

Hi there,

Please try not to shoot me down to quickly as I’m learning and new to all this :slight_smile:

1, can I use the groups to give auto acsess to a specific room ?, if so what setting would that be?

2, is there a specific problem wi the broadcast plug in ? , I’m installed it anfew times, shows as installed by the error logs show it is unable to start…

3, is there a plug in to manage rooms and athirsations easily ? I.e a group is created and given specific acess to a room they can auto join and the rest of the server cannot, without having to use things like passwords.

Thanks in advance, I have tried searching for guides reading the setting up of groups and rooms but no luck is there a issue with lack of documentation for newbies for the finer points or am I just being dim and can’t find it ? Lol