Some plugins not working with "Substance" themes

I’ve been fighting with a custom build of Spark for some time now, but I’ve now got my problem nailed down to a bug that’s got to be in at least v2.6.3…I’m trying to use the Whiteboard and RedFire plugins with Spark, and if I use any of the “Substance” themes for Spark, those plugins no longer seem to work. When a user sends a request to start a whiteboard session, or to start a redfire session, the receiver’s spark just freezes. It’s like there’s a modal window asking the user if they’d like to join the session, only I can’t see the window, and so can’t dismiss it. The only way out is to end the task. Seems like it’s a problem with the Sustance themes, if you ask me…If that’s the case, how would I fix it?

Please use the JTattoo Skins. During 2.6.3 dev cycle we had to conclude that we are unable to support Substance and JTattoo with all it’s skins. Substance is not supported by the developer anymore. JTattoo was very helpful during 2.6.3 and has provided several bug fixes for render bugs in Spark.

Resumee: Substance has lot’s of bugs, don’t use it.