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Some presence/status messages are not getting delivered

We are having a strange problem. Some presence messages aren’t being delivered. It seems to be user specific. We have looked at the traffic going out using pandion’s network viewer and each client sends the messages. But not everyone will receive them. Let me give an example.

There are three users: Nate, Aaron and Tami. Nate sends out a presence change and his client shows that it sent. Aaron receives it but Tami does not. Tami sends out a presence change and neither Nate or Aaron get it. If Aaron sends out a presence change then Nate gets it but Tami doesn’t. But it’s not just Tami that is isolated. She has certain people that will receive presence from her and that she can receive from them. It’s somehow user/group related.

Any ideas?



Looks like our problem is related to using Ldap groups. I’m not sure exactly how but if we use Ldap groups then we have this problem. If we remove the Ldap groups and just use the native groups we don’t.