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Some problems with IM Gateway

1)Transports don’t work with Miranda client at all. Transport show as connected, but everybody in contact list in offline state. With openfire 3.3.0 & JIT all work fine.

2)When internet connection reconnect, transports doesn’t timed out & automaticaly reconnected. They freeze in forever online…

Using: Openfire 3.4.1 & OpenSuse 10.2 & latest snapshot of IM Gateway.

PS. Sorry for bad english, it isn’t my native language…

No answer, just a help:

Miranda has no general problem with 3.4.1 and GW 1.2.0. It works.

You may check the logs (especially! maybe theres something wrong with your subscriptions), check other clients and check the stable GW.

With PSI all work fine. With GW v1.2.0 same problems… Checked on Miranda 0.7.0 alpha build #28 Unicode & Miranda 0.7.3 official stable unicode…

Miranda&PSI debug logs attached…
logs.zip (25668 Bytes)

Same here, I am using latest Miranda Beta build (0.8.0 #2) and I have a lof of problem with my openfire server (latest release 3.41 with transport 1.2.0).

It, almost all the time, stops login during the login. I have to re-try multiple time for the login finally to work… After this it is ok for all the day, if I don’t lose my IP connection.

I have ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL activeted as transport.

All is working perfectly with Psi…