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Some problems with special setup :(


For normal usage the server is fine, but for special cases it becomes a hassle…

I can share a group with other groups, but I can’t do it without sharing it with itself. For example, I want the group “Executives” to be able to see “Sales”, but I don’t want “sales” to be able to see “Sales”.

So what I have to do is manually add everyone in the sales to everyone in Executives roster, and then add everyone in Executives to everyone in Sale’s roster. This becomes a lot of work when we have 25+ sales people, 13+ executives, and new sales people being added weekly/monthly…

So I thought I could handle it with packet rules, where I can block packets if it’s from one group to another group, but it turns out it doesn’t work if you block it from one group to the same group. Can’t block Sales to Sales…

I thought maybe the import/export XML would make this a little easier on me since I could just have a template made for execs and a template made for sales, to be able to just import a new user that automatically has everyone in their buddylist and just update the XML when I need to. But it turns out if the user already exists it won’t update it, just throw you an error. So I can’t update people this way.

And how do I share a group with only some specific groups? When I go to share a group, and I select share with other groups, there’s a list of the existing groups. I can select the first one, and then hit ‘shift’ and go down the list and so I can select it to only share with half the groups out there or something, but I don’t know how to select/deselect only certain groups.

Openfire gives me a level of control that no other jabber server can, but these things are killing me every time I have to add someone new

Is there any way around this? Are these things bugs or features…?