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Some problems


I use Jeti as client to connect the wildfire.

But I meet two problems which I don’’ meet when I use jabberd.

The first problem.

  1. A log in .

  2. B log in .

3 A add contact B

But B does not receive any message. So , A can not see B’’ presence.

When I used jabberd . B will receive message from A.

The second problem.

1.A and B are in the same group.

2.A log in.

3.B log in. Status of B which A look is still disconnected.

4.A log out.

5.A log in .Status of B which A look is available.

6.B log out.Status of B which A look is still available.

So , It seems not event trigger??

And I see the log , I find the error.