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Some question about spark/openfire


First, sorry if this topic is not on the right forum.

I got few questions :

  1. How to display the full name instead of the nickname (without changing it manually) when we try to add someone on spark ?

(exemple : when we try to add “Jean Dupont”, we launch a search, then we click on add to the contact list, then a windows appear : Username = jdupont@domain.fr / Nickname = jdupont / Group = Friends ; when the user is added jdupont is displayed on the user list, we would like his full name by default instead of his nickname)

  1. How to display the status of everybody without add them ? I added the presence + subscription plugins to openfire (All subscription intercepted and accepted for all ; Anyone may get presence information)

  2. I’ m trying to display the openfire user status on outlook. There are some post about openfire / spark & outlook integraton but they are old.

Jitsi got one plugin to display that information, and i would like to know if spark will have one soon ?

I hope you will have some answers

Best regards


  1. Can’t do anything about it as Spark is not doing any lookup for the name in this field. It just copies the text you have entered into search field and omits anything starting with @. Well, i’m assuming it doesn’t look for the name, based on my testing.

  2. You don’t need plugins for this. Just create some groups on the server, add users to those groups, then go to groups’ settings and enable contact list group sharing, put a name for a group and share it with All users or selected groups. This way Spark will display names of users, which where provided during user creation in the Admin Console. If you have LDAP integration and pull users from AD, then i’m not sure how users will show up.

  3. There is no such plugin and i don’t think anybody is working on it.


  1. Ok, It will be great to change it on parameters if developpers hear me

  2. Great ! I follow this, now my customers don’t have to add someone and so they see the status directly. Another good news : Il display automaticcaly Full name of the contacts

  3. Not Great I hope that someone will work on it soon (i’m not devlopper so i can’t do anything). Also a shared screen mode can be cool.

Thanks for your reply.