Some questions

Hi all,

My questions may be silly but as I’'m newby please help me :

  1. I want to integrate wildfire with an existing php script that uses a MySQL database. the php software stores the usernames and passwords (MD5) in a table called members. I wanted to see if t’'s possible to have Wildfire read and write to this table. Theoritically it must be possible to do so, but has anyone yet done this or not ?

Also as another program will try writing in the same table sometimes ( like when a user wantes to change his/her password using the php script ), then is it a good idea to use InnoDB to lock the table or if possible a field when it’'s being updated ?

  1. Is there any web service that can send a text message from web browser to a user on Spark?

I saw XMPP but couldn’‘t find this. I mean a textbox where I can put the username I want to send the message and the message and then this meesage will be sent to the user. If he’'s online he will get it online and if offline, he will receive it whemn he comes online

  1. Where does WIldfire stores it’‘s user’'s status? I mean which table and which field?

  2. Is it possible for “View Profile” section in Spark to read the data from some fields in MySQL. I want to use the profile information of the user that is stored in the php script to be sent to Wildfire when a user wants to see another user’'s profile information.

  3. What is the table “jiveid” for?

  4. Is it a good idea to have both my php script and wildfire to read from a single DB to share information or not? As I will have almost 2500 online users in Wildfire soon and will this cause problem for both wildfire and my php program ?

Thanks in advance.



@1: Wildfire can use an external database for authentication, but it will as far as I know only read the password there. So it can’'t change it.

@2: No, but you could write one. As soon as XEP-0124 is available this should be only a few PHP lines of code.

@3: In memory, you need to query the admin console or use xmpp administration commands to get this information.

@4: there does not exist a JDBC provider for the vCard while this is possible with LDAP.

@5: It does maintain sequence numbers for various tables as Wildfire does not use database dependent sequences or counters.

@6: MySQL should be able to handle this.

If you change something in the database please be aware that Wildfire expects to be the only application which may change something in the database so it will not automatically refresh its database cache.


Hi it2000,

Thank you for the information. About my first question, is it possible to have Wildfire read user information from another table other than jiveuser?

If yes, it would be very simple for me to integrate things, simply I can have Wildfire read from my another application MySQL tables that stores user information.

Also as for refreshing database cache, I think there should be a trigger for Wildfire to update its cache whenever a user updates his/her password. Is it possible ?


I expect that you are using a completely other database, so you must define the query which is used to get the password for a user, for example “SELECT password FROM user_account WHERE username=?” as mentioned in the documentation.

I did never try it but I expect that Wildfire does not cache the password as users login not so often.