Some users are in away status even after turn off their machine


I am using spark im 2.7.1. In this for few users it is showing as away status even after they turn off their machine. The main problem is when I hover on their Name completely IM gets stuck. Not able to perform any action for 1 or 2 minutes.

Does it help when you restart your server? Are they show offline then for some time?

If you get stuck while hovering some of your contacts this maybe an issue with corrupted history files, though usually this happens when you try to open a chat with them or receive a chat from them. You can read this thread on what to do with the corrupted history files Help: reading/restoring history chat log, freeze Spark when hover user name, etc…


But if the user comes again online working fine. When we are hovering also no problem.

The user status shows away and when hovering get hang only when the user goes offline by shut downing their machine.

So it looks like this is not related to the corrupted history files. Did server restart help with this issue?

Also, do you have popups enabled when you hover contacts in the list? You can try disabling it (vCard) in Preferences > Appearance and see if this helps with Spark hanging on hovering issue.

Ya. Now I have restarted my server and the issue has been absolved. But now I am still facing another one. If a user just closes his laptop lid it is showing online. This happens only for laptop users. Can please advice what can be done for this.

Does the laptop go to sleep mode when the lid is closed? If it does, then it takes some time for Openfire to notice, that a user is no online anymore. You can do some tweaking for this, but not much can be done: Explanation: options to mitigate messages loss because of network problems