Some users not able to login to Spark

I am getting a User not found error in my logs, i did a search and no one seems to be having the same type of issue i am.

Right now i can have most of the office load up spark, but some just can not, it tells them there login or password is wrong.

I have them divided in to groups, but i am able to get someone up in all groups.

Just not sure where to go

I am attaching the error log, its rather big, most of it is today with users not found errors.

I’m having the same problem but with a different log message. Most people can login fine, but random people cannot. Additionally, when doing a simple user search, it couldn’t find our problematic testuser. Then I changed the LDAP container baseDN to be more constrained and they started showing up in search results. I changed it back to a higher level baseDN (back to what we want) and they still show up in results. Very bizarre. Other random people who can’t login still don’t show up in the search results.

I see this in my error.log:

2008.08.19 11:02:52 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider.getGroupNames(LdapGroupProvid] Could not find user in LDAP testuser

And this in my warn.log:

2008.08.19 11:06:26 SaslException PLAIN authentication failed [Caused by PLAIN: user not authorized: testuser]