Soooo close to single sign on (SSO) with 2.6.2 and AD

I’'m using Wildfire 2.6.2 on Ubuntu 6.06 and trying to get SSO with Active Directory. I can log in with Spark or Pandion with my Windows username and password just fine. But when I try to have Pandion do integrated Windows authentication I get the following in warn.log

snippet -

2006.07.13 13:10:10 Stream error detected. Session: org.jivesoftware.wildfire.ClientSession@1bbd583 status: 1 address:


at .java:173)

at :317)



at Source)

/snippet -

Note: I replaced the real fully qualified hostname with <localhost.local> for security reasons.

Any ideas? I feel like I’'m soooo close.


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Nevermind. I decided that I don’'t like the interface of Pandion anyhow.

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