Sort Client Sessions by column

It is not a major thing, but I would find it very helpful if admins could sort the Client Sessions page in the Admin Console by any Column. I try to make sure my users are using the latest version of Spark, Authenticated properly or sort them by location(IP Address). Each of my locations has their own Static IP address that everyone from that location appears to use.
I just think more sorting options would be very handy.
Also, I would like from Group Chats to delete themselves after so many days or even hours with 0 users in the room. Currently when a user creates a group chat, that room stays indefinitely. There is a setting to Unload MUC rooms after so many days, but it doesn’t seem to function. I have user rooms that have been on the server for months with 0 users, and they are still there. And those rooms are not set to Persistent either.

My server is a VPS running CentOS 7 and the Openfire version is 4.7.5

true that, I agree that it would be helpful to have more sorting options in the Client Sessions page. This would allow admins to easily see which users are using the latest version of Spark, which users are authenticated properly, and which users are coming from specific locations

Hi, what do other feels on this? would be interesting to known.

This feature request has been registered in our bugtracker as [OF-1187] - Ignite Realtime Jira. Sadly, there has been little progress on the issue. This likely reflects the perceived added benefit vs. required effort.

If you’re interested in having this feature, and if you have access to Java developers, then I’d invite you to create a pull request in our Github repository. If Java developers are not directly accessible to you, then you look for volunteers, or even commission the work. Our directory of professional service providers has a list of organsiations that you could reach out to.