Source Code

i was wondeirng if there was source code for spark messenger i want to add a few things intot he menus and when i decompile it it dosent re compile can anyone help?

You can find the path to Spark svn here

You can compile it with Netbeans or with Eclipse (or other ide supporting jdk). Here, some examples:

i need the following files











i need them into .java so i need the source codes

I already gave you the link to the Spark source code (svn).

here, more directly:

svn co spark

i have been through them and i cannot find the file names that i am looking for what folder are they in

sorry to be a pain in the butt

Hi Matthew,

Those class files you listed are anonymous inner classes so they’re not going to have their own .java files. Rather, they’re all in the file.

Hope that helps,

ok thanks that was helpful… but the questions till stands how can i edit that file and make it back into those files? i dont know java coding at all i am gainging the info for my coder he just needs the source code

Hi Matthew,

Wroot posted a couple of links earlier in the thread on how to compile Spark.



You see. There is no simple zip file with source code to download. Well, i can surely create such for you at home and upload it somewhere if you still had the problems. But usually source code can be downloaded from the svn with some svn software (easiest is TortoiseSVN, i’m using RapidSVN). You will have to use that link in such program:

svn co []( spark

Then, after the synchronization you will have all source code files on your hard drive in the folder you have specified as a target.

I think your coder can be more familiar with all that, as svn or cvs are very common in software development now (versioning system).

is there a way i can print this forum so i can show him? email it would be better

Check out the upper right corner of that thread’s page. In the Actions menu you will find plenty of options, as well as emailing and printing that thread.