Spaces in the Address

I jsut installed OpenFire 3.5.2 and pandion 2.5. I fi have a space in my user name ex (James ) i can not log if i replace the space with \20 or remove the space in AD it works correctly. I have LDAP to AD

In the error.log i get java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal JID: james

LDAP autentication is a web protocol just like HTTP, POP3, SMTP, etc. That said no web protocol supports spaces. The space must be represented by the escape code used by the protocol if a space exists. This is one of the traps windows and other modern OS’s present to people. Just because you can enter a character into a file or username does not mean it should be used. The safest rule of thumb with this regard is use legacy DOS nameing practices for web protocols (name length excluded). So no spaces, slashes, backslashes, or other special characters.