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Spam from this discussion forum

Hi Admins,

After spending far too long looking, I cannot find a feedback to admin section on this forum, so I apologize for posting this in this area. It seems like most here are IT professionals, and I can’t figure out who is the actual moderator.

I am getting spammed through this site from stranger “karenkaren” who keeps sending me private messages through this site, which of course get sent through email and are lighting up my iphone today. On the other hand, I am interested in getting email notification of legitimate discussions I am participating in here. Is there a way to block that user or remove his account?

Attached is the nice message:

To:@Walt Liebkemann


Sent:Mar 18, 2010

Subject:Private Message: GOOD DAY

Hello dear Greetings to you ,My name is miss Karen, i read about you in this site(www.igniterealtime.org) and i decide to communicate with you and it will please me if you will be my friend, i wish if you will respond to my mail box(karen_b82@yahoo.in) so that i will tell you more about my self and also send you my picture for you to know who i am, i hope to hear from you. yours Karen write me here email at (karen_b82@yahoo.in)

Same here I got one today as well… Might wanna use stopforumspam.com for these…


I have also received the same message

Same story here.

A quick google search reveals that said “karenkaren200” also sent identical messages to members of other forums during the last few days.

Another google search reveals that there does indeed exist a company called “KTB consulting”, but its apparently NOT located in florida/US…

Who knows, maybe its just a lonely soul searching for friends this way.

I recieved this message this morning as well

Same here, just received this message about half an hour ago. Looks like someone is just trying to collect email adresses to send spam.

What puzzles me is the fact that the person neither tries to sell something nor advertise some site or some product at all…

Their doing it so you’ll either e-mail that address, or add it on yahoo messenger, once you do either of these things your inbox is going to get bombarded with spam from all over the place. Best practice is to forward the message to one of the mods, and then just delete it. Replying to it in anyway is probably just going to cause more problems.

Been mentioned on another post that the spammers account has now been removed, lets just hope this place dosnt start getting bombarded with similar con artists.

Is there someplace to forward spam from within this forum?

There should be someone that is able to delete accounts.

Here it is:

To: @Ptochos

From: Ellen Moriwa

Sent: May 19, 2010

Subject: Private Message: hello

Good day,
Please respond through my email address: ellenmoriwa@yahoo.com
I was moved to contact you when i saw your profile.
My name is Ellen Moriwa, I am from Liberia. I know you maybe surprised about why i contact you, Please bear with me.
I have special reasons of contacting you which i will tell you once you contact me through my email address (ellenmoriwa@yahoo.com) because i may not be able to login this site again since i am new to internet.
I will tell you more about myself and send my pictures to you since our profile cannot say everything about us.
Thanks as i hope to read from you soon.
Yours faithfully,

Yep, there is no feedback link to get to a moderator. Well, there is no full-time moderator here either. Hopefully this will change when (and if) this site will be handed over to the community members. Maybe we will have more moderators and some feedback form, etc.

For now i suggest to move this thread to Jive Lounge section (see Actions panel). And if you have any issues or questions about the site, you should better create threads in that section. Benjamin, who is looking after this site, usually checks only that section. As for the spammers. I see that this user doesn’t exist anymore, so probably there is nothing to report. But if you’ll get another spam message, then just forward it to @Benjamin

Ptochos, you should forward the message you’ve got. This user is not deleted.