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Spark 1.0.1 released

We are happy to announce the next version of Spark. We are working very hard to deliever the best quality product, so please continue giving feeback.


1.0.1 – December 1, 2005

New Features

    • Added sounds for incoming and outgoing messages.
    • Added sound notification when user goes offline.
    • Added better visual queues of when a transfer is complete.
    • History messages are now displayed with the date and time the message was sent or received.
    • User directory for transcripts and custom settings are now in the user home to allow for a single binary / multiple user environment.
    • Auto-detection and explicit setting of host and port are now part of advanced options.
    • Free to chat uses a more intuitive icon.
    • Typing notification sent based on new algorithim of typing speak and typing char count.
    • Added preference to start Spark in system tray.
    • Roster Window and Chat Frame now remember their location and size.

Bug Fixes

    • Chat transcripts are now saved with to, from, date and body only.
    • Check for updates adheres to the once a week check rule.
    • Conference rooms created in Contact List are now private by default.
    • Time now shows up with version request.
    • Memory leak has been fixed with new sound plugin.
    • Improved scrolling behavior in chat history window.
    • Call button only calls user once.
    • Room owners are now displayed in room configuration data form.
    • Added option to change resource. Defaults to Spark instead of Jive.
    • Spark is running notification UI is now fixed to fit image and not steal focus.
    • Spark uses the port setting if specified in advanced options.
    • The Cancel button in Configure Chat Room dialog does not send a config form.
    • Unfiled entries are now displayed in Unfiled Group correctly.
    • Users can join unpublished conference rooms.
    • Spark now accepts 5 different arguments to either login automatically or start chat with person or join group chat.
    • Right-Click on status message node now forces focus onto node.
    • Status text in StatusManager UI will now be truncated if too long. Full text is now in tooltip.
    • Invalid Conference rooms are now escaped.


look forward to spark 1.1.0