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Spark 1.0.2 Released

Hello All,

We are happy to announce the release of Spark 1.0.2. We have made many fixes/improvements based on your feedback, so enjoy!



1.0.2 – December 15, 2005

New Features

    • Spark now comes with an optional silent install Mode. To silently install, just pass in -q after the install file, e.g. “spark.exe -q”.
    • Notifications have been added as a preference for Group Chat rooms.
    • Log Out appears right above exit in system tray menu.
    • “Create Account” button now appears on the login dialog.
    • Spell checker can be turned on/off in preferences.
    • Users can now specify their own resource to use before login.
    • User Search Service now toggles to new UI based on search service.
    • Display time/date can now be toggled via preferences.

Bug Fixes

    • Spark now works with secure connections to messenger when updating.
    • Fixed saving chat history on server disconnects.
    • Users and group are removed from Spark when user is removed from Shared Group.
    • Using & or < in a Contact Group is now escaped properly.
    • Sounds are now distributed with the installer.
    • Spark proprely changes back from away due to idle when computer is not idle.
    • Spark allows for PNG files to be selected as an Avatar.
    • Chat Frame no longer steals focus.
    • Double-click will make contact list visible from system tray.
    • Preferences now appear in correct location on Mac.