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Spark 1.0.2 Seems To Reset Settings

I started up Spark 1.0.2 today and it seems to reset some settings that were set in earlier versions.

The settings include:

savePassword was changed from true to false

resource was reset to the default “spark”

defaultNickname was reset to the users username

startedHidden was reset to false

Is this by design until the settings.xml content gets into a more stable situation?

I personally think Spark should read the config as-is, add new settings if nessicary and ignore old or invalid settings.

Hi Caleb,

Yes, the settings file was changed as the settings became more robust. This will not be the case for the 1.1 release. Sorry about the annoyance.



Does the settings.xml contents need to be in a particular order?

Hi Caleb,

They do not.


Great, thanks.

BTW, the client is progressing very nicely!